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What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Heleina is a very professional caring woman who was highly recommended by the staff at a long-term care facility where my aunt is now living. I was searching for ways to help my aunt emotionally adjust to the huge adjustment of going from living independently to living in a facility. Heleina has a very positive, friendly personality and always has a smile on her face! It is obvious that she enjoys her chosen profession and truly cares about her clients. In my aunts case, Heleina visits her as a companion, spending time with her in the residence, taking her out on outings, comforting her during emotional times; suggesting things that may be of interest to her. Just knowing that she visits my aunt twice a week is comforting to my family and I because we know those visits are times my aunt can look forward to as we are not able to visit as often as we would like. The residence she lives in is wonderful and the staff are wonderful and caring folks too, but they do not have the time to provide one on one time for long periods of time. I would highly recommend Heleina’s services to anyone looking for assistance in the care of their loved one.”

Sandy, Barrie

“We are a local family here in Barrie, Ontario. My husbands parents who are 77 and 83 with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s needed both personal and physical care. Heleina has come into our home and has provided loving support and complete assistance to both of them. With her patience, understanding and kind ways she has been able to restore their confidence and ability to perform daily tasks, feel good about themselves and be able to cope with the daily activities. She loved by all. A very good fit for the family.”

Sylvia, Barrie 


“This letter is to provide a recommendation for Heleina Bobbitt in her role as a personal attendant

In the time Heleina has been with me she has shown me nothing but the utmost respect and compassion. Her caring manner in everything she has done for me has had a positive influence on how I live my daily life. Heleina has not only helped with the day to day services such as personal grooming, housekeeping tasks and shopping but she often offers to complete tasks that I would consider going above and beyond her normal requirements. Heleina comes to my home each visit with a friendly smile and a positive attitude. It has been a real blessing to have had Heleina care for me.”

Lorraine, Barrie


“I have been working with Heleina Bobbitt and she has shown more than her share of ability and knowledge to do the job she has in front of her. She has met all of her qualifications and surpassed many of them.

Heleina has had the opportunity to assist with a resident in a palliative condition. Heleina worked with this resident from semi palliative through death. She worked with great care, respect, dignity and care for her mind, body and spirit. Heleina also worked close with family members during their tough transitions that they had to endure. Heleina cared for the family members with the same care and concern she gave her resident.

Heleina has confidence and professionalism and shows in all that she does.”

Marie, Barrie (P.S.W. preceptor)

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