Our Services

Personal hygiene, grooming and dressing

Provide assistance and a positive attitude to clients who have disabilities affecting their ability to look after their own hygiene.

Elimination / Toileting

To help preserve a person’s dignity, A Caring Heart will assist with toileting and incontinence issues.

Mobilization and Transfers

We assist individuals with their mobilization through transfers, ambulation and range of motion exercises in a safe manner.

Nutrition / Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition is key for the clients’ health as well as their happiness. A Caring Heart will assist the client with any special dietary needs, cultural or religous preferences, plan and prepare a nutritious menu.

Medication Reminders

A Caring Heart can remind our clients to take medication when the client is physically able to do so.

General Housekeeping / Laundry

A Caring Heart can provide housekeeping and laundry duties to help your loved one remain in their own home, keeping it tidy and safe.

Shopping Services

A Caring Heart can provide grocery shopping services as requested.

Provide Cognitive Social and Emotional Support in Nursing, Retirement Homes

A Caring Heart can provide companionship services to promote a loved ones well being.

Care in Residential Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospice and Respite

A Caring Heart can provide care in many different settings, such as: The clients’ residential home, assisted living facilities, hospice, and respite.

Downsizing and Moving Assistance

Downsizing or moving can be an intimidating undertaking. A Caring Heart can help manage the accumulation of possessions / clutter and make moving a snap.

Transportation, Organization & Interactive Activities

A Caring Heart can provide safe and escorted transportation to scheduled appointments.

Our nurses also provide assistance with interactive activities that’s warm, fun and supportive.

Services Include...

In home, in hospital or over the phone consultation and assessment. Access to speak with us in evenings, weekends and holidays as emergencies arise.

We can provide referrals, moving companies, realtors or any other professionals your family might need to contact during the process. We will be there for you through all the changes until you are comfortable with your choice.

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